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A long while ago, I used to work at Walmart and the mechanical work culture we were subjected to disheartened me (and my heart still goes out to all those who struggle under those inhumane conditions). I felt as though we were robots–doing specific tasks almost mindlessly; easily replaceable by another machine [human?].

Back then I didn’t think [much] about McDonald, or Burger King, I’m sure its not noticeable when one buys those tasty burgers but the truth is, those behind those counters are trained such as they can be easily replaced since none of them does anything brain-y. Flash forward to now: gradually, the American workplace is continually turning its employees into robots, easily replaced by others, usually the employers have a nice sounding term for it: “cutting-cost”.

Actually, some are actually replacing people with robots, that is, machines doing specific tasks. More and more, I’m thinking of the brain-drain on the American workers and that brain drain on me.

I’m thinking of a time when robots will do all the work that humans pride themselves on; and it will happen all softly and slowly that most of us will not see it coming. Continually, employers will say they are cutting cost and will assign work shift that are scanty, the employees will justify it and say: “something is better than nothing.” And at some point they will have them ‘retired’ saying their services are no longer needed–“…that paper that you cut, I think a machine can do it better and more efficiently”.

Am I thinking of the elimination of machines? How dare I? After all, I’m using a machine to communicate this, a machine saves me the trouble of traveling for days, or the trouble of waiting days for me to read back from my friend. And all these machines are made for us, we are not made for the machines.

We are not made to be exploited.

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