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It is funny how told stories are of rags to riches but we want be careful on that terms. There are a lot of people who have been successful but didn’t really make a lot of money but have built success on different terms, and we want want to listen to them very carefully.

There ia all the talks about innovation, creative and insight but more, and more, I’m noticing that the experiences I’m gathering are not geared towards innovation — the trend is, do one thing, one experience and face just that. To be truly creative, I think, one must have several, and different experiences.

Think of it as someone who is on the 13th floor of a busy street, we certainly would have a more holistic experience than one who is on the ground level. 
The key thing is, being able to connect experiences together, you cannot have the same bag of connection that everyone else does, else, you’d make the same connection and cannot be distinct. The thing is to make different connection through differing experience.

Successful people often have a large pool of experience to draw from, it’s not all about being right, being religious, being this or that, maybe a bit of wrongness, a bit of irreligiousity, a bit here and there  to broaden one’s persepective in life.
Turns out, the world is a pool of resources, contributed by others, we are using much of others contribution, I’m starting to realise that asa much as I’m drawing out of this pool, I’m I giving back into the pool?

What experiences I’m I leading that others can tap off.


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Beautiful… If I may add, looking for distinction is what leads people to fail. The best way to successfully win in life is to first learn your weakness, then wear it on your sleeve because being proud of whom you are is something that will get you past the invisible doors. Not saying being proud of your weakness or the bad things done, but being proud that one has learned from it or that you have identified the wrong therefor better able to achieve. We live in a world were we do not know ourselves. The longer we live, I… Read more »
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