the Code Poetry paradigm


I remember those days of geekery and these days of artistry and the days of philosophies; they are not that different after all–follow this fun game carefully:

var you = existing;

if  (you==me){

    return False;


} else{

   if (you == unique){

         life = meaningful;


                 print  “This is Life!”;



    elseif (you == someoneElse){

           life = ratRace;

           while (life == comparing){

                print “Not Your Life!”;




          you = notTrying;

          while (life == purposelessness){

                print “Get A Life”;

                return 0;

          exit; }

for ( you != unique){

         print “Really, really, Get A Life!”

exit; }

Yes, geek or no geek, hope I convinced you that coding is philosophy, philosophy is poetry. Enjoy the weekend.

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Confused as hell! But I kinda get it, the symbols get in the way. But hey at some point in life I wana learn this computer stuff. its pretty useful and not easy to learn.

By Dele

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