The American misIdol


I rememebered the first time I came across ‘American Idol’, I had no idea it was a singing competition tv show; I thought it was some kind of an American God.

Now I know a bit better but not by much, the show is much like the American culture – an obsession with big vanities. As the show would be having its finale today and me seeing all the hype around it, I wonder – ‘so because this guys can sing, they are now Idols?’ How about an American Idol where they see how can tackle practical problems better, or who can came up with better arguements towards a socially benefitting cause, or some show that isn’t a bunch of dummys pursueing their own vain and the guys behind them making the converted big bucks.

Or maybe this is asking for a castle in the sky. After all, this is a country that asks ‘who is smater than a fifth grader?’ and the show tries to prove no one is. Yes, this is a culture of vanity and they have made everyone bye into this vanity and empty thoughts — shows like this are set in place to even make us more shallow and keep our eyes vailed from the real issues.

No matter what the media forces on us, these singers are nothing of an American idol.

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