tapping in Love


These days, there’s been so much going around that this is lingering on my mind:

There are,
So many people around the world who are lacking love
Even more are so many people who don’t know how to love one another,
So many people walk around with low self-esteem
And so many people for no reason so dogged on all

There are Love signals,
Tell me can you feel these
Love signals
Now you send out your own –
Love signals
Now the everywhere is filled with
Love signals

Now there’s
So many of us have little faith and insecurities
And so many of us so easy to give up on our dreams (don’t!)
There’s so many of us that’s quick to turn it down
And so many of us that’s raising our hands and saying we want love

With those love I will give
Just send them right back to me and everyone else
Love signals

I’d like to do some more few things
(May I?) Just wanna touch your soul
(May I?) Let me pour into you
(May I?) Fill you with my joy
(May I?) Make you feel brand new
Loving is therapy
Healing both you and me
That’s why I’m sending out these:
Love signals

Hope someone can fill these Love
I pass it on to you
You pass it on to another one
And together
The whole World will be filled with
Love Signals

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