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Recently, I’ve been working on my songwriting ‘chops’ and I’ve been taking apart songs that mean a lot to me and stopping by this resourceful website; and playfully, I came up with  lines like this:

For those Love we can’t express
And we see it as so far away
So far away, so far away
Few miles or maybe some more
‘Cuz I feel you as so far away
So far away, so far away
[Baby] In Turn…
I’d be your cloud in the sky
For those times you’re closely far away
I can hear your voice when you call
For those time when the heart is dimmed
I’d be your shoulder when you cry
Here’s is a shoulder you can lean on
An Angel to be at your side
And if your curious about how the songwriting process goes, here is a snapshot from the program I use to organize my songwriting/poetry process; this is just a peak of many more (explicit) music creation process I will be posting about.

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