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I’m thinking of a time in every one’s life where there are fluctuations. Times when you really want to solve math problems to those times when you really, really need to have a love partner — hopefully I’m not the only one one has ever had these.

This stage I am now is one where I’ve become artistic. Few months ago I was passionately scientific; don’t worry, I still treasure Darwin I’m just feeling consumed by this new drive. One main endeavor consuming me now is music — everything about music is becoming extremely beautiful and every waking day I want to know more, and more about it.

From classical, to blues, pop, or country and my favorite — jazz, I don’t seem to be getting enough. Maybe, I’m thinking it’s one of my fluctuating infatuations. i’m thinking maybe very soon I won’t be this obsessed about music and just move on and think about those days, or maybe not — I’m putting a lot of time into practicing and trying to understand music.

A while ago I wrote about respecting passions and I concluded, respect those with passion because they are those who possess the ability to cause . What is makes that passion in your life? One thing that satisfy me about this is the ‘learning’ going on. To a degree I’m confident that my learning is not static. I should ask again, “Have you learned anything new recent?”  A mind that ceases to grow has started to die.

Let me get back to some music and more music. I probably would post some and talk about them in some future posts.

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