On Living, Relatively


After taking a [super] long break off writing, my life and longings is drifting towards interesting interests. From many of my past blogs, a few things have been established:
# Religion is an illusion
# Coding is Poetry, Poetry is Beautiful
# Education, especially the Western kind is oppressive, ditto religion.
# Africans, living outside Africa are more a problem to the continent

As I and my blog get older, I’m establishing a few more things; mostly as a result of getting out of a protected world (read: parents & schools) to an unpredictable world — now you see where I will slowly be shifting the focus of this blog.

Let’s establish a few more things in this shifting world of mine:

# To Earn money is easy compared with spending it well.
# There is the face value of things & the real value of things.
# Read the above point, and you’d see why human beings are difficult.
# Every person’s achievement is VERY relative.
# The Above point made; it’s difficult to answer the question “Why me?” without asking “Why not you?”
# Life has no value
# The Above point being said, time on earth should be enjoy in one’s capacity
# To support the above point, my happiness starts and ends with me.
# While life has no value, living has it’s value.

These we will be looking through in my series of post, and my living in crafting beautiful things.

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All these philosophical thoughts above go for a toss, when you distrust someone. Someone like me … isn’t it ?

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