on Lines and Gods


There is only one way to be a closet atheist, write a poem denouncing God and make it as cryptic as possible. My attempt to see how sly I can be, let’s enjoy:

In ‘truth:’
Once was there a man,
Omni-all, in a quest, here his act:
Let there be light and there was light.
A light towards creation.
He made us, and without him,
we are all gone… as the wind.
For some,
He is up, or down , in this or in that,
maybe invisible in the sky.
Our sense of existence, ins-outs, and acts,
do we owe to him.
From generation to generation, this ‘truth’ believed.

For thought:
the good book claims the sense of him , and him of good, of good,
a fallacy follow:
the deaths, misogynism, rasicm, homophobia, infanticide, genocides, violence, or just those contradictory ‘truths,’
Would any life; on such book live or believe?
Would you trust, or it’s principle abide?
Not the healing of a sick,
Not a comfort for grief give, not a proof or a good of this or that…
For power was it made up.
Now, a tool for the elite,
long and long have it now being sold for it:
“Here is your truth!”
…and inside of them,
Another tool for oppression.
And for a defense,
Where is his watch?
What is his opinion on the world?
Has a work of creation gone sour?
Would you impress me or yourself?
Have been sold and crafted in me as ‘Him’
I careless for no refund – a ‘Him’ has vanished,
There is no Him!
Some would fight it, – they have.
Maybe he might fight for himself – oh, there’s none, he can’t!
Some would die for it, – they have:
Maybe a gift of eternal life they might receive – oh, none exists,!
If only,
we can re-think it,
break loose of the indoctrinations:
‘Don’t question, this, it is and it is, don’t question!”
Be a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu , this or that,
one can recent the other,
for a re-think,
it’s an hallucination.
No one – true,
No one rules,
Not one exists
Not a claim – true.

This mind:
Lay aside the claims,
Search yours and the inside,
Has he watched over any?
Will he have watched over this?
Where has the watching gotten us thus far?
You are god,
your re-think is god.
And if liberated,
once was there a god.

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if u tried to “make it as cryptic as possible”..u failed! lol but its nice.


if u tried to “make it as cryptic as possible”..u failed! lol but its nice.


if u tried to “make it as cryptic as possible”..u failed! lol but its nice.

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