on God via Religion: where is God for this age?


Micheal Jackson is dead. It’s worth a mention, maybe not as much as it’s getting (I hate that CNN spent all their time and resource "reporting" or well, it’s CNN what can I expect), consider the thousands dying everyday — Iran from political opression, Ethopia, starvation, or Sudan, homicide, etc. Well, that’s America, we prefer to fill our minds with frivolities.

Back to the series on God. We are gradually coming to a close, the subject of today’s discuss is on evaluating how "good" God has been to us lately.
God, if we like to admit or not has being the cause of more atrocities in history. Till date, consider this excerpt from the literature of the Ku Klux Klan (an hate group against Black people)
"…On the other hand if you have a deep sense of love for your white brother and sisters and truly desire them to have a better life, then your effort to awaken them to the plot to destroy western Christian civilization will be fruitful. God will bless your efforts which are blessed in love." [ The Culture of Make Believe (pp.5), Derrick Jensen.]
What about the Islam extremist who sincerely anticipate their reward in heaven and kill non-Muslims, what shall we say of the rites religion makes people go through or otherwise face an eternal damnation. What about the do’s and don’t that keep putting minds in constant guilt, what about the opression and exploitations.
You might consider yourself a good and noble person who would not take any religion to its extreme, but have you really thought about why you believe what you believe or just ignorantly feeling in the God gap? Where does who take religion/God to its extreme one moderate religion people.
Here is the wise words of Steven Weinberg from the New York Times, April 20th, 1999:
"With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."

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