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I’ve been taking a lot of things personally lately and in some ways making me loose sight of many awesome-ness.

This TED video, 3 A’s of awesome brings it into light a bit more. Why? Why? Yes, I could be taken for granted, yes, I could have wronged a few people, yes, I might have not gotten what I want — but it that all I would really wanting sapping all my energy? Continually focusing on the negatives — and there I go again.

On to Awesome #1: I’m taken the ability to be in motion for granted. I went running today (around 4:40am), I was able to move one leg in front of the other, enjoy the joyful calm breeze serending me as I take that one foot, in front of the other. Speeding along was an ambulance, some hurt? Definitely, that’s someone who isn’t enjoying the pleasures of being calm enough to go for a run.

Are you counting your awesome?

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