on Climate lies


Al Gore made the movie An Inconvenient Truth, it convinced many without doubt, the climate was changing and it us our [humans] fault. And now, everyone is all about global warming and ‘green’ ; and the media? They are all on our back, and are as usual, seizing the moment to sell you the lies. While I enjoy being able to breathe fresh air and I love the sight of green agriculture, we humans are not necessarily making it go away, what about what mother earth is doing to herself?

We have being made to believe that humans are generating an increasing amount of CO2 (Carbon Monoxide). What bothers me is, less that 3% of the CO2 on our planet is generated by man, what are all these activist doing to nature that is generating the rest of the  CO2 — are we going to tell nature to be protective of itself? Why are all the activist flying around in private jets (I’m not even referring to the rediculous gas this machine burns, I’m thinking about negative effect the production of jet engines has on the earth), What are this ‘green’ activists doing about their leather jackets and shoes, the non-degradable products we use everyday — it’s really hard to justify, how can we help it?

I console myself with the fact that our planet is evolving [expanding], and it is continually changing. I’m assuming the earth will adapt to our new ‘exploitations’. The earth has survived many changes and it can still support some more — I’m hoping we don’t push it.

To get back to the ‘green’ trend, I’m thinking it is just capitalist ploy;  think hybrid cars and ‘green’ merchandises. Or, maybe it’s an attempt to gain control. A way to control people is to inject fear into them and subdue their vulnerability. Who wouldn’t get frightful is told your abode [earth] will one day collapse on you.

Whichever is happening, the kind of green the media is pushing is a wrong cause in the right direction. How are hybrid cars made? The materials for ‘green’ tote bags, or the eco-friendly water, how are they made, are they really eco-friendly or just exploitation of our guilt? I just wish the media would encourage people to drink less bottled water, walk more, buy less packaged food, use less technology, and the media should emphasize that, doing this and could ease the plant through its change.

Yes, you figured, I’m only dreaming. There is profit in acting ‘green’, I’m hoping the earth absorbs our shocks well.

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