Mind crease Jackson: MJs lessons


 It’s been days since Micheal Jackson and to which I wrote, I cared less. With the continious media coverage, it’s hard to care less, allow me care more — how much influential has micheal jackson been?

Maybe that wasn’t exaCtly the right question to ask on someone who was a legendary musician and has lots of personal issues, lived an odd [sadistic] life and in my opinion, didn’t give to the world comparable to how much he took out (think about how much wealth he accumulated and used most of it fighting personal battle). And for the point of this post, Micheal Jackson reminds me of America and its values.
CNN has been on MJs story since he died; excessively reporting politically correct issue on MJ’s life. Where is the man living a disturbed (and lonely) life few months ago? Where is the molester of children? Where is the abuser of drugs?
Oh, I know, he’s dead we can’t say ill about the dead. Maybe that’s the reason we should let a sleeping dog lie. He’s dead, allow him fade off the scene. The media should stop painting his life as an example, what can one really learn from this man the media is iconizing?
I remember being a kid and loving his dance steps and even trying them out, but, as I grew older and discover more of his life, I see the dances and weep for the man in the mirror, like many Americans, hiding their pains behind the image others expect of us.
Many have been shaped by others identity, never bringinsg out thier own. They want to dress like others, eat like others, walk like others, be this or that like others — forsaking their own realities. What was the real Micheal Jackson?
Maybe this is a product of his abusive childhood. And it’s another reason we should know the man behind the mirror aside the ‘idol’ the media shows.

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