In Lieu of Faith


In a recent talk I had with a religious acquintance on his faith and how it has opened up possibilties and helped him see past the violence happening around him. I thought, if religion helps him keep a sense of purpose, why would anyone, want to take that from him (myself inclusive).

Actually, the question is: ‘take it from him compared to what?’ My arguement remains that many where force-fed religion (often sub-consciously) and lead a life in the illusion of it.

Yes, my doctrine might not win a fan, that’s why I wondered on the act of being faithless in a faithful world:

Faithless in a world of faith
Crying for a drying world
The thought of hopes and promises
Bare and stripped,
Strapped to faith and
robbed of thinking

Faithless in a world of faith
It lay in its face to understand uncertainity
Stack, continually mounting
Shouting ina quite world
In hopes to sore,
In thoughts of one like the other,
Continuing int the search of a differential
One tends to cry
In a happy world

Faithless in a world of faith
Rethinking being be-ing
Faces filled with rhetorics
To ask or to be quite
To tell and without
Stuck in a moving world
Masked and continually seeking refuge
Quite, in a shouting world
The importance of every and one
Except others, high pedastals of ‘me’ and ‘me’

In a world that lies outside faith,
that world that sees beyond now
and illusions and delusions
and materialism and me
and thoughts less funtional…
All that seems left is
faithlessness in a faithful world.

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