dealing Creation a deathblow: on Dying and our Luck


Recently on my twitter (@delomos), I called Richard Dawkins my Lord and Savior and believe me, I kid not. If not for Dawkins, I would have not seen the beauty of Evolution — that was an understatement. If not for Dawkins, I would be limited in my appreciation for the grandeur this planet offers you and I. Religion blind-folds and understates this beauty considering how it assigns everything to a single maker in heaven whose existence is improbable.

Creation or Evolution has always been the question, my Lord has come through once again with the release of his book: The Greatest  Show on Earth (due for release in US Sept. 22, 2009. I read it’s already available in UK). And as you might guess, I already placed a pre-order on Amazon. Open up your eye or mind, get the book, read it and let’s talk on why creation is kid’s talk.

Here’s a piece off my savior  with some modification I added to it:

We are going to Die!
And that makes us,
the lucky ones.
Most people are never going to die,
because they are never going to be born.

The potential people who could have been here in my place
that would in fact not see light of day,
outnumber the sand grain of the Sahara.

those unborn greats exists.

Greater Poets than Keith,
greater scientist than Newton.
greater minds than Einstein.

We know this because the set of possible people
allowed by our DNA outnumbers the set of actually people.

In the teeth of this stupefied odds,

it is You and I in our ordinariness,
that are here.

We privileged few who won the lottery of birth against all odds

How dare we whine!
About our inevitable return to that state which the vast majority never stood.

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