As the Man Deceives the Woman


I’ve broken up twice this year, but that’s a story for another article.

Don’t fall for the title or the content of this poem 1; I really don’t want to break the third heart before this year is over — I’m I just mean?

Or I’m just a joker?

Let’s start straight.


This daughters of the most high —
Continuing to fall for low-lifes
Chasing after men that have yet to find their maturity
I’m Like…
Who are you!
What are you!

I wonder.

I stand on the side-lines watching sisters
Who have hearts like fluffs
Addicted to relationships
Sniffing on men like cocaine
Dying for love like moths to fire.

Let’s wonder.

Hanging with rockers who fake situations of love
They enter into selfish rehabs
Looking for self redemption
When only His wisdom could rescue them from relapses
These mentality got them so drunk on denial that…
They care less about the Maker
So they push him to the side
To let their vain flesh make the decisions for them

Women. Urgg!

Your impatience with then sovereign
Has turned your eye-sight into an Eden of illusions
That lust playing hide and go seek in the praise of his “swag”
Aboring temptation, when you should run
You walk — what!
Siting comfy with a man that is yet to learn to lead himself
And you want him to lead you?

I wonder

Maybe he can lead..
Which will be cool if your boo was..
the source of our comfort
A stronghold of peace
A ocean of healing
The lion of Judah
A Galaxy of love ..
and power to turn dust into us in a split second
But only Him has that written on his resume

Will you settle for a fake God or counterfeit savior?

Take your damn eyes off that crucifix hanging from a mere man’s neck

If your search for love has stolen your reverence for Him
You’ve made a bail out of a real relationship
A diamond ring into a golden calf —
Making Him out of a man that borrowed his from Him
I suggest…
Steal back your heart!

From whatever man who has it sitting on the table
Him playing games with it
Make it empty
De-voiding it of meaning
Go back to the one who is really jealous for you..
Saying… ”here, this is my heart, you can have it”

So woman.
When your imagination tries to tell you that a man will be your all ….

Remember, I’m mostly a joker.

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  1. This poem is a heavily modified variation of a similar one I put together for a friend

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