…Above All, Love


There are a lot of things that indeed do make the world go round, I’m trying to choose the best, or the worse or maybe one day I will choose one.

There are times when I’m decieved, there are times that I decieve myself, there are time that I don’t know which I am am, deceiving or being decieved.

The other day I thought about how much too many I have, another day I thought about how much too little I have, we have all being there — the many thoughts of uncertainity.

There was another time I felt very much alone, there was yet another time I felt crowded. Crowded and voiceless.

When there’s more I get less, when there’s less I get more — perhaps it’s just me, or them or us all — my generation wearing a confused face.

The other day I thought about being born, and another day I though of death, one and the other.

I am, as always appreciating that all I have is now. This moment, like right now.

And the things that make the world go round, the best or the worst,

Above all, I’m glad I choose love.

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