a Generation of my Kind


This can somehow be the continuation of yesterday’s post; on this, I dig a little deeper into my soul .

Following several people feeds on twitter and Facebook I realize that we all in some way want to resolve to a “Home”, we want people to see that side of us that they might not see physically or I should put it that that side of us that technology and the likes are pushing us away from; have have come to find a safe warmth in the obscurity of the net. Now, we can ‘brag’ and not get called on our pride. After all, it’s only a ‘status update’.

Often I try to imagine the people behind the updates and the real life they are trying to lead; or I should say, the real message they are trying to pass across to the world. Maybe it’s just me over-analyzing.

Maybe these virtual worlds is giving many a home, are Homes not eroding after all? Or, maybe it’s just the way I’m seeing my generation:

The generation of my kind,
I see them everywhere
On the streets wanting for a life
Cannot find a direction to put their energy
I see them in Europe, America, Asia, Africa & Australia
All looking for hope
Everywhere they go, they’re lonely
Can’t find a warmth
A generation,
In factories of bits plantations
A new wave of slavery
Living in servitude in foreign lands
Wherever they are,
Every they go, they’re lonely
There’s no place like Home



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