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A while ago I mentioned the [sudden] obsession I was having with music and noted to keep you updated on how far along I’m getting. That post was made 14 July, today is 28 October, and I think it’s time you knew how music has been treating me so far.

The choice was between guitar, saxophone, drums/percussions, and bass — upon pragmatic consideration, I have settled in to push my drums/percussion skills; get serious with it and hopefully have some fun. Before you wonder that those other instruments might be much more fun (are they?), I just followed the demand and supply here in Boston coupled with my chances of getting serious gigs sooner.

How do I mean? A quick look into boston.craigslist.com for drummers usually yields more result than for any of the other musicians. In fact, it seems like everyone here and there plays guitar or picked up sax while in grade school but drums…the high cost of entry seems to step people back (unless you have an electronic kit which are expensive in their own, it’s hard to haul this instrument around). Before you think further, that’s not the only reason I’m taking drumming seriously.

I’ve found, it’s easier to find your own unique voice on the drums, and it is fun to play (even the work-out benefit). Even the idea of holding the timing for the rest of the band and having them all rely on you for the direction of the piece is an awesome feeling. To this end, I’ve been getting my gears together, hoping to getting my ‘chops’ better, find a band that suitable and play.

Maybe soon, I’d put up a video of me on the drums doing it up.

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