You are Not A Gadget


Now there is Google Plus [1. A site sharing service by Google. Similar to Delicious], and if you don’t know what that is, consider yourself, 3 years ago asking, what is that “Twitter” thing. And somewhere, someone is developing something that will make us be more productive, at least they say, at the expense of? Or some online feature that will make us enjoy our internet experience better. Who exactly are we?

I ponder all these services as they continue to undermining the essence of technology as an aid us, humans. Not replace us, I hope. Who I’m I kidding? Life has moved too fast forward than I can whine about.

We are now gadgets, all of us. Zombie-like machines trailing selflessly after the latest tech trend that our fellow machines have to offer us. Are you human? “Yes”, “Sorry, you’re boring”.


  1. I  feel you on that, I have been observing for a long while now, and I have concluded that gadgets and technology has turned us all to zombies. Any time I take a train rain, it is always appalling, how as soon as everyone enters the train and takes a seat,  a smart phone, tablet or e-reader is whipped out, often in combination with headphones over the head, as each person goes on standby mode…till the ride is over. If you find two people discussing? they probably got on the train together, technology had subtly taken over the fundamental form of social relationships and communication, now, it’s boldy, boldy in our faces

    1. I like the term ‘us getting on standby mode’. I can’t say I’m not guilty of this and I often consciously try not to seclude myself from my surrounding 

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