working the Real World II

In the previous post, I mentioned the myth of getting an education; or at least the idea of thinking one is being prepare for the real world–the world after school. I contrasted the real world and the academic world with some sort of frustration, and how about dealing with it?

One cannot avoid it, what can be done?

As I sit an type this post, I sit directly across one of those who I mentioned in my previous post on working so little for so much; and you can bet, I’m working hard. What exactly can be done when it does seem that it is a vicious circle:

Creating the reality
I might not be very happy in other people reality (be it academic/work) but I can live and create my own version of reality. So, it occurred to me that very often, I’m happier and more content in my own reality; issue is, my reality might be distorted and I might still have to deal with the “real world.”

And of course, I can go on and on and complain about the imperfections of the world but then, it comes back to, one has to deal with it.

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