when the Grass is Blue

Sometimes I want to come up with the exact prosery that describe my particular state of mind and very often I fail. Then I listened to some Dolly Parton with this same post title and using her template, the prosery on my mind came to this poetry–seeing things out of the conventional can be liberating.

Seeing the grass as being blue, or the grass as being blue, or snow in the tropical places on earth:

I’ve had to think up a way to survive:

Since living is getting tougher
it might bid me bye
Its Living
and I doubt I can make it one day without you
Unless I pretend that the opposite’s true

Rivers flow backwards
Valleys are high
Mountains are level
Truth is alive
I’m perfectly fine
And I can’t leave you
The sky is green
And the grass is blue

How much can a heart and a troubled mind take?
Where is that fine line before it all breaks
Can one end their [life’s] sorrow?
Just needing a line to cross over it
And into that realm of insinuative bliss

There’s snow in the tropics
There’s ice on the sun
It’s hot in the Arctic
And crying is fun
And a smile in the face
And I’m glad we’re through
And the sky is green
And the grass is blue

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