What have you done for her [motherland] lately?

There is that thing about everyone wanting to change the world, be the best, and all the funky dreams we had as youngsters or still have now. Changing anything is impossible. People just don’t respond well to change but it’s doable. There is only one simple rule, and it’s almost dead simple: change yourself first.

Do unto others as you would like done unto you.

I was thinking that if everyone changed themselves the world will be a better place to live in but then it occurred to me — I’m having the premise that everyone wants to change themselves for the better. How about those who want to change themselves for the worse. Could it be that we might innately be good people? Of course not, but I digress.

I still want to change the world but I’ve settled for a simpler plan, I want to change my country (Nigeria). I’ve settled for an even simpler plan, I want to change those around me, even simpler: I’m changing a few minds.

Lately I’ve gone beyond talking about change and doing some change, and of cause the more we sit around wondering about what to change, the chance is, it never happens.

To change yourself, rule one, pick a simple problem; a simple goal, strike that and move on.

I love to continue writing about change but really, I have some world-changing things to do. If you are a Nigerian reading this post, what have you done for her lately?

www.occupy9ja.com is my small stride in change.

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