towards Sanity

Before I get labelled an absentee blogger, I’m putting my pen to paper or more appropriately, I’m putting my hands to my keyboard–and to follow up on the previous post off the the book The Black Male Handbook, I am posting another synposis from the book that hit my mark: Maintaining Mental Wellness (Chapter 6).

When I entered this chapter, I was expecting some ranting about avoiding stupidity, which would have been cliche and here the suggested steps:

1. Create a community of support: After all, as a Nigerian proverb says, “No one can life an heavy load to the head with one hand”–always seek support.

2. Raise your critical consciousness: it advised that one should understand the challenges of race, class, gender, don’t mistake this for looking out for prejudices, it’s more about being proactive through understanding the situations around you.

3.Be proactive and address you own issues related to anger and temper: After reading this point, I figured that though I might claim I don’t have anger or temper problems, it might be surprising at how much anger we have bottled in–it’s not about never getting angry, its about acting it out in bits. Bottled anger is what, I think in my opinion often results to depression, let loose.

4. Do something your good at.

5. Accept who you are: This might be easier said than done especially in a society that constantly reinforced who bad we are, how perfect we should be, how we have so little. It’s about overcoming all those odds, ignore the ‘fakes’ created all around us and focus on being good at being us.

6. Care and Advocate for others: Personally, I’m not doing this enough–there is just that sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in knowing you have being a helping hand to someone.

7. Connect to your spiritual core: Before you think I’m referring to becoming religious, read the previous post about finding spirituality.

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