those Relationships of Ours

I’ve been asking a question for my thought experiment: “why do many promising relationships fail?” Sister – Brother, Father – Son, Cousins, and more commonly, male to female [romantic] relationship. Actually, I’ve found that, more of us find ourselves being transformed by those romantic relationships less so than other relationship in our lives.

For this thought experiment [series], I will be focusing on romantic relationships, homosexual and heterosexual–after asking varying people series of questions about the relationships in their lives, I have found something in common: relationships are failing because we are being deluded.

Get ready. For the next few post [days], they will be based on and around this topic (maybe you can guess why, Feb. 14th?) and like have laid out some logical insight into the irrationality of religion, conventional knowledge, I want to see if I can like-wisely figure irrationality in relationships we claims to believe in.

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