thinking Purpose

An age-old question is: Why are we all here on earth. Or even deeper, what is our purpose on earth?
I have in the past argued through philosophy (and darwinian evolution) that we don’t really have any purpose on earth; or, we have as much purpose as the dog roaming the street or the bird flying the only difference is, we have larger brains and have come to an illusion of purpose.

We form society, procreate and acquire knowledge in attempt to instill the illusion of purpose, and we lead a life assuming our purpose is perhaps to maximize the best of us–for now. Forgoing all the philosophy of purpose, I’m recently coming to understand that the pursuit of a purpose might be forcing us to disdain the purpose we are currently leaving in now.

Many might think that having more money and being successful one way or the other is their purpose in life or maybe to be a philanthropist, in the pursuit of being one of these, we ignore the little victory of being a little success now (or a philanthropist) thinking of success as only the big picture. I think of people whom the society acknowledges as successful and relative to them, I don’t see myself as being successful the problem is: relative to someone else, I’m very successful but I might not think in that terms because the society might think it ‘mediocre’.

I’m learning even more to understand that success is not a fixed point or a point of relativity to someone else’s idea of success but a point of personal satisfaction, a point where one finds peace within him/her-self. It is at this point would one find purpose relative to one’s own sense of self.

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