the unSanctity of Life II

Before I let the subject of our right to death lie, I will share one more excerpt, in continuation from the previous post:

I hope I don’t  die,
We all, are going to die
Didn’t mean to remind you–
it’s on your schedule.
Maybe it won’t come when you want–
you never know when, how or why,
We are somehow supposed to be worried about dying,
We even talk about death often–
And the important question:
“Where do you go after?”
Do I care?
And I ponder on suicide:
A medium for those who can’t wait to find out
where we go after,
“Oh, I’ve been waiting for a long time.”
Don’t despair about where we’re going after,
Find out now and be there before us all.

I think of a top-salesperson wanting to commit suicide
the priest tries to talk him out of it
And he talks the priest into it.

At some point on earth, there where only 6 people.
Only 6.
6 people, 6 souls
they died, souls went to it’s places.
Now we have about 6 billions people
All claiming to have souls
Is someone printing up souls?
And the souls claim to have value–

I think about funerals
getting more flowers than I ever got alive,
People, saying all things nice
Even if they have to be made up.
“Oh, he was a mean guy, goodly mean though”
“How about that other?”
“Oh, he’s still alive, and he’s crazy mean!”

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