the Rat Race and Life Inflation

I’ve been off this blog for quite some days; I could blame school but I wouldn’t–though I’ve found school work on my mind a lot, it’s not the cause of my absenteeism.

Four years of college is wrapping up for me and finally, I can stop bashing [western] education, perhaps you’ve read this–and that’s somehow how I’m seeing things now. When I mention that I’m graduating, people are quick to ask: “so what are you considering for grad school or you want to work for a bit?” or I should add, “ignore the rat race!” The longing for school, jobs, richness and fame, the constant pursuit of a status better than the guy/girl next to you; and what is the rat race anyways?

When I came to the age of discernment, my parents looked forward to me getting into kindergarten. Luckily, I slowed progress through into post-kindergarten. Through to secondary school, where again I started thinking, ‘O, would be so sweet to graduate and head college!’ Well, lucky me, I graduated and headed into college and looked forward to when I will be graduating, and when I graduate, I’m looking for that good job, hopefully high paying with benefits.

And maybe I will be looking to settle down, have my own family and teach/involve them in the ways of ‘our world’–the vicious circle, we continue to pursue a ‘unique’ life. No, it’s not so unique, its the same life that the guy/girl around the corner is seeking; and, they probably don’t like your own life because you’re a competition.

I wonder why my mind is trained to continually try to be like these ‘normal’ life? Why is there the urge to be traditional. I guess, being non-traditional doesn’t leave one lying around for very long.

Leaving in the US isn’t helping either, or maybe it helped shaped my rat race. My uncle gave me a great advice when I told him I’m now looking for a job: “It’s not about the money, it’s about satisfaction”. And that really stuck on me considering my strong belief in the inverse relationship between money and satisfaction/happiness. O my….

And at another I was advised: “what mark would you leave on the world as you pass through it”. And I thought, if I’m wanting to lead the rat race, I will never make a mark because I will be too busy running…wow! I will continually be running after things I will never get but think I’m so close.

I brought up the idea of life inflation to my friend. I explained, the more you increase in your material wealth, the more you ability to acquire increases, the more you acquire, relatively, though your wealth is now larger, you get trapped in the same web of ‘wanting more’ you where when you didn’t have as much. In other words, the race has it’s end at the bottom of the rainbow.

I’m glad at some point in my young life, I told myself the truth and figured that the way I would be satisfied in life is being a mentor/writer (catch up on that here) and I add, there isn’t a major in life that prepares you for that, however,the school of life sure has that major, I’m hoping it doesn’t get inflated.

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