the Mis-education of Africans (TMOA) III

Following the previous blog post (a long break it seems); this section should really be titled: “The Mis-education of Non-African through their colonial masters” but that gets long and boring very fast.

How much do Africans in the diaspora really know about Africa, and their respective countries of origin — I’m not surprised that we [Africans] are continuing to live in the shadow of past ignorance, and [the] mentality that our White colonialist have brainwashed us with.

Now, I live in the Whiteman’s land, I see even more of these ignorance being lived.

I’m thinking of Africa as the center of the world, not sure? And I’m hoping I can think of Africa the same.

Take a quick look at your world map (or here  and join me in exploring (poetically), the story of an African’s dominance and our true place (inspired by my musical god: Fela Anikulapo Kuti)

In an age Afro-Ignorance
A seed they had sown
And we continue to sprout
Ignorant action .

The Ignorant education
A culture of White Supremacy built on ignorance
A Western civilization built on ignorance

They one said we have tails
like monkeys

They once said we had brains
like monkeys

As Apes
As Africans

A culture of  Wrong information
Enlightenment is is the new African
Everybody knows,
Many in the culture know
Africans are the greatest race
A Great black race

Until that selling to slavery
They came with ships and guns and God
And today: they call us third world

We, are no third World
We had the first world
We have been always first

All that we need to do is set our minds to Africa
Africa is, the center of the world
Check your world map and see

We are the Strongest people
We started the human racial struggle
We are the cleverest people
We defeated the odds
to have occupied Africa
You have to be strongest
to occupy the Center of the World

As Africans,
Set your mind to Africa


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