the Anatomy of Mass Hypnosis

I have argued on the fallacy of illusions and decried the believe in metaphysicals until I recently realized, even I, I’m deluded.

I came to understand that the existence of varying concept exist only in our inner being, or on our mind–things have come to appear as we see or think them to be. I can sense pain, or fear, or hate, or hunger (my girlfriend asked me to describe one of these which was when I started thinking carefully about it), but I can’t really describe it to, say, someone who is in-human (doesn’t engage in human activities or having characteristics as we do). Before you start thinking what the point of this thought is, bear with me.

We think of some people as inferior or ignorant because they don’t know what we know, or haven’t come to the understanding that we have come to but, I’ve we thought that is their own ‘world’ they are enlightened; we are only judging them by our own standard of what we [I] think of as enlightenment.

Bear with me still, what if all we think we know doesn’t really exist except in our heads? Yes. They could exist physically and we might be able to see some how about those that we can’t see but, might be existing (and know exists) like gravity, air, etc. and some might want to add god?

I don’t believe in ghost or fairies, or supreme beings, and those who believe in them I thought they haven’t reached an enlightenment of the reasoning to subdue the illusion, but the stronger question, how did I know I’ve come to an enlightening–it’s all relative. Everything known, and all that will be known is all relative.

The times before I was born, before my fathers and fore-fathers where born, they had a set of beliefs; when we think of those beliefs we think they are ignorant but its not really so. For them, spirits lived and are real, ghost existed, they die and go to magical places; they where not less intelligent, for their period in time, their beliefs where firm and intelligent.

Let’s fast forward past our time in history, some super beings would look back and wonder why we drove super slow caged machines (cars) or believed that their is a force acting on us (gravity) or why we build tall buildings (skyscrapers) because is their time, not only would they be footnotes to what they are accomplishing, they might not be relevant–in the present, we have it all existing in our heads.

Before calculus was invented and science took hold, things are and will be independent of if we (present human beings) interfere or not. We have only come to accept all these knowledge because we have being thought to–we have being mass hypnotized.

This mass hypnosis has made us accept scientific facts (not that they are not true, only in our world though), to think within social norms and continually struggle to be better than that person next door; pursuing in constant agony of that pot at the end of the rainbow [1. There is a story of a man trying to reach some pot full of gold at the base of a rainbow but realized that as he got closer, the rain went farther therefore never reaching the pot–there is no pot.].

I am hypnotized. It a pre-requisite for living in my society but that’s not the point: I have come to understand that I can now watch closely, carefully and act diligently at situations around me. After all, acknowledging brings me one step closer to living ‘out-of-the-box’.

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