the Act of Godless Goodliness

When religion came along, it advised us that we need the involvement of a supernatural being to live a worthy life. It successfully brainwashed us into the assumption that we are powerless, hopeless and individually helpless and has made us slaves to the culture of religion.
Yes, the culture of religion. Today in my Philosophy class, we were discussing the morality of In vitro fertilization (IVF) specifically the disposal of excess frozen embryo which, some believe was wrong considering an embryo is a potential human being–no one would throw away a human being. I, as might have been expected, didn’t see the problem with the embryo being discarded; bear with me…
How exactly does IVF fit in with religion? How exactly does the church’s jailing Galileo for supporting Copernicus in his claim that the earth is not the center of the universe, the sun is. Yes, you read that right–at some point,  the church [Roman Catholic] believed that how would a God so supreme send his only Son to a place that was not central to the universe: earth.
No sane person today would say the earth is the center of the universe or it is flat, maybe the church learnt a lesson. Fast forward to this generation and only the issues being contended has changed, the dogmatism of religion and its hold on its followers’ intellect hasn’t; I admit I was wrong, the church hasn’t changed. Religion in today’s world may not jail you physically for being revolutionary, but it might jail one mentally. Think about how religion has held scientific progress (stem cell, IVF, Blood transfusion, abortion, etc), let’s move on.
Many have pointed out to me the function of religion and I agree, religion has its place in the life of some until… you fill in the blank. I recounted the story of the good Samaritan Man in the bible to a Christian group on campus as we discuss the impact we can have in the life of others.
Of everything religion claims to be and its not, one that sticks out is the notion of ‘changing lives’. The Jews assumes he has to change the Christian who’s on the wrong path; the Muslim thinks of the Jew as an infidel who is completely wrong on their notion of God and you hear the Christian at the corner claiming, their way is the ‘light’; between all these confusion I wonder, all religion insists on changing others on the premise that they are right–who is to say?
The bible tells that the person who help that injured man was a Samaritan who, was not even a ‘believer’, those who were expected to help (the priest, believers, etc) passed by him and didn’t care. I continued in my talk and explained, they didn’t help because they believed helping was a chore, a duty or a requirement for obtaining something. They weren’t helping because they didn’t see the point of it, after all, they would think: “this man has little chance of helping me back”. Isn’t that what religion teaches? Give so you can receive, but why?
Though many of those who heard me couldn’t figure where I was going with this I added, forget that you’re better or worse, or who is getting or receiving, just lead a life under the premise that everyone is learning from everyone. If is turns out that my action leads you to [subjective] positivity, great, if it doesn’t, we have both learnt something not to do.
Not the vain exploitation that religion continually teaches its followers. I don’t want to be good because I need favor from some invisible man; I don’t want to be a just person because I want to live [eternally] in a place that is so awesome its hard for the human mind to comprehend; I just want to learn from every life, every life with its own uniqueness, beauty and splendor to which I’m humbly willing to share.


  1. 🙂 u already know my views on this. i wrote a similar note on facebook. but abt the embryo. i wud say it depends on how old the embryo is. i certainly dont agree with using embryos that have developed a heart, brain, limbs, kidney etc.. and im sure other scientists dont use or dont want to use those embryos cuz they r of no use. stem cell research is abt isolating undifferentiated cells. embryonic stem cells BEFORE the differentiation into limbs etc r used, and thats usually a couple of days after fertilization. but research is now showing that adult stem cells can also be isolated and grown. plus the cells found in placenta are useful.
    i think research shud never be restricted or banned just because one group doesnt agree with it. there r tons of unethical things going on in the world n the same ppl support them. then wats wrong with using cells from literally a ball of cells, to save lives of other alive human beings. if killing ppl is never justified, and if killing the few days embryos isnt justified, then how do they justify letting thousands of ppl die by putting restrictions on research that can find cures for those ppl? isnt letting die same as killing? and the ball of cells isnt even alive yet, is it “more ethical” to save that ball of cells and letting it grow into a human, than saving a person who's already been alive for 1 yr, 10, 15 yrs?

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