Thankfully, because of you.

Thanksgiving. I recall a post years back on my thankfulness (to God?) on the many privileges have come to enjoy in my life–at the very least, that I can write this blog, in peace.

Tomorrow (Nov. 26th) will be a time many Americans will to give thanks (do they really?) to the precious ones in our lives. A time we are to appreciate our existence, and gain some pounds. As I think about thankfulness, I think about those who would want to be thankful but cannot.
Those who lack piece of mind, who don’t have food to eat, who can’t shelter themselves. Those who are dying, who seek comfort but can’t have, those who have lost hope in life, who live each day hoping for its last, those who, wish they can have one-eight what you have, those who are in your life but you don’t see.

Those are next to you, crying and screaming for help but no one hears. Those you meet everyday and run your way through because ‘you’ take priority. Those you think are ‘fine’ outside but never seek to really know them, who, when you know, they are not fine. Being thankful, thankful that we have a second chance to see ourselves.

Like the tale of the grasshopper, constantly checking itself out; so are we today. All we see is ourselves, others, let them see themselves. Maybe thanking is even misunderstood, we are comparing the plight of others to the good in ourselves–feeding on ours misery–what are we thankful for?

I am thankful I have people, people I want to care for, that I want to listen to their, that I want to reach out to in the limit of my capacity. I’m thankful for having some, of which I want others to share, my joy, my pain, my ills or good.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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