Spirituality, Nepotism, Scarred

For those time when it’s difficult to prosaically poke at the absurdity of everything, I fall back to this form:

The Lost Sense of the Now,
In a denial to accept the Now,
Having resort to that Past,
We Recline to the Future.

is a particular term which means:
A dealing with Intuition.
In the theistic tradition,
there’s the notion of clinging into a Word.
That sudden act could be regarded as displeasing to ‘Divine Principles’
the sudden act could be regarded as pleasing,

In the tradition of the non-theistic however,
It is very Direct –
‘Cased’ History are not particularly important
What is really important is:
Here and Now!

Now is definately now,
we are trying to experience what is available Right Here on the Spot.
There is no point in thinking the past did exist,
We could have Now
The very Moment.
Nothing mystical – it’s very simple.
Very straight-forward,
And for the nowness however;
There arises a sense of Intelligence
You’re inter-reacting with reality,
On this,
we do experience fantastic precision always!
But then,
we are threatened by the Now.
As a response,
We jump into the Past or,
the Future.
Paying attention to the materials that exists in our lives
Such rich lives that we lead.
And then,
all these choices takes place all the time.
None of them is regarded:

Everything we experience are conditioned experiences
They don’t come along as saying:
“This is bad”
“This is good”
We experience them but don’t actually pay heed to them properly
We don’t actually regard them as going somewhere
We regard them as –
Hassles waiting to be dead.

That’s the Problem.
Not trusting the nowness properly

That which is actually experienced now possesses
lots of powerful things.
So powerfull that we can’t face it.
we have to borrow from the Past,
invite the Future.
This we do –
All the time.

And Maybe that’s Why
We seek Religion
We seek to Profess
We complain on the Society
We vote for Presidents

It’s quite Ironic.

As you begin to investigate
What do we think we understand,
Where do we come from,
What do we think we are doing…
The more you begin to see..
We’ve been lied to…
Lied to by institutions.
What make you think about Religion as untouchable?
This is,
at the bottom of the dirt!

Where is the origin of it?
Put there by the same people who gave you:
International Banking cartels

Our ‘Masters.’

They don’t give a damn!

Not about You, Or,
Your family.
All they care about is All they’ve ever cared about…

Controlling the Whole World!

We have been pushed away from the True and Divine Universe.
They’ve called it…
I don’t know what that is,
What it isn’t..
I know.

On all this,
Until you are prepared to look at the whole truth,
Wherever it may go,
Whoever it may lead to.

If you want to look the other way, Or,
If you want to play favorite,
somewhere along the line you will find out –
You are messing with ‘Divine Justice.’

The more you educate yourself,
The more you start to understand where thing came from,
The more obvious they start to become,
Beginning to see everything,
You begin to know the truth,
As you seek the truth,
And it will set you free.

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