Returning to a Root

In this age where we are continually raped of our identity, this the transcript of the talk I gave at a recent non-profit organization’s cook-out in Boston on behalf of ‘A Brighter Nigeria’:

It is my honor to be privileged to share our vision with you today.

I remember growing up and thinking of how better I would be anywhere else in the world, definitely not Nigeria. I’m sure many of you here who once lived in Nigeria shared that thought, or know someone who did. If you did, we both share something in common; we’re both here now.

But let’s be honest, can we really say it’s better here than Nigeria? Isn’t it true that: “No matter where you go, no matter what you become, there is no place like home.” I would take it a bit further, “No matter what you’ve been made to believe, you’re Nigerian” How can anyone not be proud to come from a land full of plenty like ours?

I know why — we have problems, lots of problems, many of them shameful, and before you start point fingers, let me tell you what those problems are: “It’s me and it’s you”.

Not seeing ourselves as part of the problem, or, a solution to the problem is a big problem.
Sure there is theft, corruption, nepotism, but are those not only on the surface? Don’t you want to one day return to Nigeria that is more habitable than here? Are you content with being in the US where you’re seen as a pest, a second-class and not part of a family, do you really feel a sense of belonging here? Don’t you want to live in a community where you will be proud to say, I belong!

No one else can shape our future, or our country’s future better than us. And, we are in a better situation to do so: we’re young, we’re privileged, we’re talented –Americans have built their own country, let’s build ours!

We, A brighter Nigeria are a group that isn’t all-talk; we are doing and mean it. We are asking you to join us in taking practical measures in incrementally turning Nigeria around. We’re not hoping to magically wipe out Nigeria’s many problems, we’re taking small steps with the resources we have, in impacting lives, that are going to be impacting other lives, bring yourself and your resource on board, no matter what it is, we believe you can influence Nigeria towards a change.

Our parents will one day be gone, the current ruling generation will one day be gone, and are we then going to be biting our fingers wishing we have done something?
We invite you to join us; there is no better time, or a better person to start turning Nigerian around.

Thank you.

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