Re-deceiving the mind

There was a time it was easy to be weird, I mean, extremely weird. I’m not even sure if that time is over — how am I to say that I’m not being weird right now.

Let’s time travel about 1000 years ago, no let’s say 10,000 years ago.

We are there now, with a man barely clothed, in an open safari, possibly holding a sharp stick walking in stealth, looking around waiting patiently for that next antelope to emerge. Or, he is chasing one down. And yes, this person will always be a “he”; she will be back in the cave, catering to the kids and tending to yesterday’s kill — for that time and age, that was perfect.

It wasn’t necessarily perfect because they wouldn’t survive if they didn’t eat, their mind was tuned to living and judging by the standard of that day, and that was their standard for morals. It’s very likely that anyone that didn’t comply to that mind standard wouldn’t live long.

We, modern humans have come a long way, or so we like to think. Like cave people, our minds still make us conform to the standard of our day.

Any piece of moderately complex technology is indistinguishable from magic. Magic is an illusion of the mind, which means: the more complex our world gets, the more our minds keep falling into illusions. Actually, when you think more deeply about it, we are more illusive today than our ancestors were, and our children will be more illusive than we, till…

We gave up and become cave people, again.

I can say yesterday was new year day. Says who? I could say this is my first post of this year. Because yesterday was new year’s? All relative constructions based on what I’ve made my mind believe or, what my society has made my life believe. After all, our mind is bending us all into subjective shapes. The trick however is, the same mind that is bending us its way can work to our advantage, we’ve overcome the first hurdle; thinking that we make independent decisions.

Question everything and keep your mind on guard: I figured that, since my mind can lie to me, I might as well question every decision my mind comes to. As well as the things already deep-seated in me; everything to the jury.

Doing this has made me see things in new light, understand better and know the place of complexity that my mind might be introducing to my living.

It is very easy to hate, very easy to deceive, very easy to stay tuned to my (or your) ways, the mind easily follows Newton’s law of motion; the challenge is keeping your mind for following a steady, lazy state. Seeing things differently and understanding that my mind, through everything, might be lying to me.

We are continually abstracted from reality (think Facebook, second life, etc.), it’s easier to see why I might be weirder than cave men. My mind might even have lied to me about this post, cave people found it easier.

I will subject to the lie of my mind and wish you a Happy New Year.

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