Puppets, Sex and Reality

Understanding the American culture is more tedious than I’m allowed to imagine. Few thoughts ponder me meanwhile:

What’s is my identity? Forget saying the media is shaping [my] identity because, I’m rarely invovled in the media junking and so are many others — I probably cannot tell, the media is really sleek.

Are we puppets? One person buys those shoes, we all suddenly need the shoes. Recently I’ve seen almost every guy I know wearing RL Rugby polos, they look cool…what’s the deal with that, I’m jealous! And everyone needs a girlfriend or boyfriend though we have no idea what to do with them, afterall my friend has one, maybe sex is beneficial afterall.

Sex, sex, sex, here and there: It’s summer and honestly, I’ve been seeing lots of girls thighs; the sexy ones and the creepy ones. Forget creepy ones for now, he sexy ones are really driving up my sexual drive. The ad of that girl having half her boobs out isn’t helping either. The guys ranting about their “hits” seem to be contributing. Afterall, I’m made to know, girls are objects — I object…no one seems to see it like I do. Even girls are ready to admit their objectivity — short skirts and kinky looks, is she smiling at me or at that other guy there? One of us might get lucky today, I doubt it’ll be me, I’m respectful.

Where are the real persons? Everyone seem to be having a good time. Facebook status and Twitter, MySpace and IMs, there is all these to keep our minds off those troubling stuff — Mommy is “twitting happily” and Daddy looks “faciffied”. I know it’s all lies, inside we are troubled and lonely all these just seem to mask our pain well — it’s the American Dreaming.

America Dream? Yes, it’s a dream; you have to be asleep to believe it. I might make it one day but these grass-to-grace stories don’t hold well with me. I know there is hard work involved but I don’t seem to be told about that, I know the road to success is long but hey, in the American dream it’s magical.

I’m practical, I’m an African and I haven’t forgotten the value of hardwork and yes, random rants makes the mind relieved.

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