Praying for a …?

I’ve always wondered what the psychology behind prayer is; why do people mutter some words and hope that someone, somewhere will pay special attention to their specific needs–is this sanity?

I wonder how far we have evolved from the primitive man worshiping stones and fire. Hold on! I think they are even better off, they where at least believing in something they see, something physical, we, are spiritual and…I digressed, back to prayers.

….If prayer worked, Christians would be richer, healthier, more powerful than the rest of us, and have all of the most attractive mates. Yet, two of the richest, most powerful men in the world, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are atheists – and philanthropists who give away billions. If prayer worked, there would be no crutches, wheelchairs, hairpieces, dentures, hearing aids, eyeglasses, seat belts, airbags, etc. etc. We are absolutely surrounded by the evidence. We see it everyday….

This writer captures my thought best.


  1. 🙂 i read this post the day u wrote it. and i didnt know wat to say. i still dont know but i'll say watever comes to my mind 🙂
    i think prayer is a way to make urself feel better, feel secure, to think that there is some entity that listens to u. us humans r extremely insecure abt ourselves. we're insecure abt our looks, abt our thoughts, our actions cuz we always wana be right, our relationships cuz we dont want the other person to think we're too possessive or needy . and we dont want the other person to know that we care cuz that somehow makes us vulnerable. all this combined causes us to find peace in someTHING that we cant see. since we cant see it we can be sure it will always be present unlike humans that go away, or money or other valuables that can be taken away. and because this entity is always present, it makes us think this entity cares abt us because it never leaves us alone. since it cares, we can say/ask for watever we want n it will grant us our wishes. cuz if it's nice enough to stay with us till we die (or even after that) then it must care enough to give us wat we want. and even if we dont get wat we want, we can just say “god didnt want that for us, cuz thats not wats best for us”….it makes me smile that we r so forgiving towards god and “his” ignorance yet we never do the same for humans 🙂 i wish someday we're able to do that for everyone n see beyond ppl's shortcomings…
    personally, i somewhat believe in prayer. i do believe in god, n u already know my thoughts on that. but i havent prayed like most ppl do, in a very long time. my prayer is done quietly in my heart. n i like it best when im looking at myself n praying to MY self. cuz i believe god is in everyone and everything, then y go to a special place to pray? y pray to something outside of u? and thats wats different abt my way of praying n others. the reason is the same, i feel sort of “secure” but deep down i know that impossible can not be made possible with just prayer. its like a sleeping pill that surely lets u fall asleep but thats not REAL sleep. so prayer makes me feel better for a while but i know that its not real.

    thats that 🙂 now i wana ask u to post something new cuz its been forever! but i understand life's busy. i just love to take time out to read ur things. its a nice break from bacteria, animal behavior, n stupid chemical formulas (UGH! i hate those!)

  2. the psychological effect that prayer has cannot be denied; the point was, does that make it anymore valid that the satisfaction of knowing their is a pie in the sky?

    Either you pray here or there, or in your heart or where ever, why pray at all? Are you supposing you can, through your prayers change the natural course of things? I'm doubtful.

    You already admit to the inefficacy of prayers, you want to feel good, sure. How about face the reality of things instead of resorting to a feel-good-factor; it just might be better in the long run (like a true sleep).

  3. the reality doesnt go away no matter wat u do. i dont know abt others but i dont forget reality or believe since i prayed everything will be alright. deep down i know that prayer is just a feel-good-for-a-while kind of thing. but sometimes u need that. or i shud say *I* need it. its not as satisfying as when things r actually fine, but it gives me a break to be able to go on. u cant always face the reality as soon as it happens. and lets face it we all have moments of denial. thats when prayer fills up the gap.
    i dont believe prayer does anything other than making us feel good. and i dont understand those who rely on prayers for EVERYthing. i find those kind of ppl extremely annoying!

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