on Haiti II [songwriting]

A song composed by yours truly for Haiti (and still in the works):

Mon Ami, my dear hopes
My dear longing for you
Mon Ami my dear land
Land I wake, Spirit that Calls
Mon Ami, my dear home

Never dying, Strong Spirit
dear love, Never can we be hurt
Haiti, what do we see happen to you
Heart Cries,Left to Die, Mind strong
We carry our love on
Come, Come, lift heads up
ils trebuchent, nous serons forts
tete fret nou djanm
nap toujou vanyan nan nanm

Haiti we say ce pase
Spirit high-high
We hear Oui: Na bule!

Buildings dropping
sak Pase?
Oui, Oui, Nap boule!

Fathers, Mother, children, old and young
Ce Pase?
Oui, Oui, Nap Boule!

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