on Grabbing Time

Today, I remember again, some of the most valuable lesson have learnt on seizing time and opportunity–join me on this journey.

Some people are never awake when the train starts, but crawl into the station just in time to see that everybody is off and then sleepily say: “Dear me, is the train gone? My watch must have stopped in the nights!” They always come into town a day after the fair and open their wares an hour after the market is closed. They make their hay when the sun has left off shining and cut their corn as soon as the fine weather is ended. They cry, “Hold On!” after the bullet has left the gun and lock the stable door when the steed is stolen. They are like a cow’s tail, always behind; they take time by the heels and not by the forelock, if indeed they ever take him at all. They are no more worth than an old almanac; their time has gone for lack of use.

Unfortunately, you cannot throw them away as you would the almanac. They excuse their laziness with, “I am only a little behind”; but a little late is much too late, and a miss is as good as a mile.

It might be helpful to realize that time is not tied to a post like a horse to a manger. It passes like the wind, and any who would grind his corn by it must set the mill-sails. He that gapes till he be fed will gape till he be dead. Nothing is to be acquired without pains except poverty.


  1. haha im laaaaaaazy, sounds like thats for me. thanks man i needed to hear that 😛 p.s. im not being sarcastic, i really did need that haha

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