on Creating Luck

Last Sunday (Mar. 11/2012), I thought about people and their achievements. It’s funny how one bad luck can stick with one forever, or, how on good luck can stick forever — maybe I don’t even believe in luck that much, it’s there to say. For example, some children are born in a poor region of the world, their chance of ever becoming fame is closer to zero than someone born, say to a wealthy family but that’s not exactly my point — last Sunday, a mom was talking to me on how she’s wanting to send her 13 year old boy to an MIT program, to do a boot-camp in robotics. That’s surely a young boy who has luck on his side.

I didn’t have much luck on my side, but I’m constantly working on creating luck. Being at the right place, at the right time. Being an opportunist, sleeping with my eyes open and keeping my ear to the ground, I’m hunting out, and creating luck.

While some will think that luck comes to those who are fortunate or bad fate befalls the unfortunate, I reply and say: “Mind over Matter” I create in my mind the matters that I want to be in existence.

While there may be that kid born in that poor part of the world who would have so little chance have seeing MIT, there is that boy who sees the opportunity in not being there and creates an opportunity.


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