On being Little…

“Get it Now and Fast” was the title of the junk mail that made it into my email; it got me thinking: “This explains why we are impatient these days.” Even I want everything here and now. In fact, that’s what our generation has come to expect to lead our lives. To take a cue of C.H. Spurgeon, and some poetry:

Hard work is the grand secret of success. And unlike what the now-culture is breeding my generation to believe, we can’t expect to be rich in a jump. And of course, well, we never really get that wealth — it infests us with some more greed.

Slow and sure is better than fast and flimsy.
Perseverance, enriches one far more than fits
And promises of fortunate in its speculation.

Being a little fish is sweet.
Little drops of water,
Every little helps,
Fly when your wings have feathers;
Don’t try too soon.

Little fish wants to be a whale,
Often forgetting:
Be a little fish while you have but little water;
When your pond becomes the sea, then swell.

In these hard times,
if you can sit on a stone
and feed yourself — don’t move.
From bad to worse is no improvement.
Make as few changes;
trees often transplanted bear little fruit.
If you have difficulties in one place
you will have them in another;
if you move because it is damp in the valley,
you will soon find it cold on the hill.
Everyone must paddle their own canoe;
And as no one can choose the wind,
We must sail as the wind leads.

Patience and attention will get one a long way.

The art is not in making money,
It is in keeping it;
One should never stretch your legs
than your blankets will reach,

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