Ode to Joy: a Lesson from Beethoven

I have a figurine of Beethoven on my car’s dashboard and every time I get in my car, I’m reminded of how much the human mind can achieve if only we can forgo difficulty that might want to hold us back. A lesson Beethoven always bring back to my mind.

Oh friends, not these tones! Let us raise our voices in more pleasing and more joyful sounds!

In his twenties, Ludwig van Beethoven reached the height of his career in music compositions and accompanying this, he was
gradually getting deaf. I, like you would think, how possible can anyone compose music having no capability to hear? By his forties, Beethoven was completely deaf and in this state, by 1824, he composed "Ode to Joy".
Yes, even if he calls but one soul His own in all the world. But he who has failed in this Must steal away alone and in tears.
Not only did Beethoven composed the Ode to Joy, he also conducted it. In one of his performance, after the orchestra where done performing, the crowd stoop up in applaud but because Beethoven was deaf, he couldn’t hear it and didn’t turn around to acknowledge the applaud. Noticing this, one of the performers stepped out of line and turned Beethoven around to see the applaud but by the time they turned around, the applaud has stopped. As the crowd saw him turn around, one after the other, they resume applaud. So moved was Beethoven that tear came down his eye, so was the person who turned him around.
All the world’s creatures Draw joy from nature’s breast; Both the good and the evil Follow her rose-strewn path.
How often do we fail to appreciate the gifts we have, more times we compare ourselves to others and elude ourselves of getting the determination needed to focus on discovering and maximizing our potentials. Oh, sounds like I’m preaching now; I must admit that I’ve many times falling into the trap of believe something cannot be achieve because "I’m not good enough" or "I have this limitation, or that" only have I proved myself wrong after trying – only if many of us try before we shoot down the possiblity.
Joyously, as his suns speed Through Heaven’s glorious order, Hasten, Brothers, on your way, Exulting as a knight in victory.
Deafness gave Beethoven depression and almost made him commit suicide but, he stuck to his love and went on through this though times to compose the most famous of all his piece [and became one the most influential contributor to music]. We can only make an ode to joy as we celebrate our own existence and the possibility we can achieve — long as we put enough determination to it.
Joy, beautiful spark of Gods!, Daughter of Elysium, Joy, beatiful spark of Gods!.
And if you’re wary of classical music, this might change you. Here’s Andre Rieu’s Orchestra rendition of ‘Ode to Joy’

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