My week on Twitter for 2009-06-07

  • really needs an hollow body electric guitar – I want those jazzy tunes to sound better 😉 #
  • watching ‘Pilgrim Progress’. Grew up reading this classic over and over. #
  • finds the twitter world funny and mysterious. The continuous obssession with other biz #
  • obsessed with the Circle of Fifth. #
  • blah, blah, young dude with a slim figure, up to some music #
  • and friend on those simple thoughts: #
  • and friend on those simple thoughts: #
  • lips sore from practicing Saxo all day… #
  • on the lesson from the streets of Lagos to the virtual world of Facebook: #
  • taking on life like a game of chess, the sooner u anticipate the moves, the beta one’s chances of making beta counter-moves. #
  • marvels on a Lesson from Beethoven: #
  • marvels on a Lesson from Beethove: #
  • off for some sailing – hopefully I’d stay on the water today. #
  • convinced Vista is a footnote to Windows 7 #
  • just got some “wows” from Windows 7. Wow, seems like Windows is finally matching up to Mac on user experience… #
  • thinks all seem to run fine on Windows 7 right out of the box and the interface looks cool too…. doing some more testing #
  • ready for some pain in the butt….setting out to test Windows 7 #
  • on thinking about music composition the whole night…in my dreams and that’s making the morning start off sweet #

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