Love for now and Then….

I’ve mentioned some of Seal’s inspiration on me previously here and here and this is another of those tunes that keep me going. This is titled Future Love.

But if only I could see them
You would know from their faces
Some are kings and queens
Followed by princess and princesses
Some are future power people
From the loved to the loveless
Shining a light ’cause they wanted it seen
Since there were cries of why
Followed by cries of why not
Can I
Reach out for you if because it feels good to me

Here …
Will you inject me
With your love
Inject me with your love alright

One more thing you’d say ..
Save it baby you know that it’s all right
You remind me of something I knew paradise
You are so beautiful [what’s inside you]
A Paradise
Now I know I need just your love
Want to fill me with your love
Fix me with your love all right
Because the only love they’ll find is paradise
is paradise
Future love paradise
With the paradise I’d create.

Seal, 1991


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