iPad [my take]

Usually I don’t tale around technology trends though I’m a gadget freak than I love to admit; but I would make an exception–the Apple’s iPad.

Many have asked me what I think of this device, will it be the next new [big] thing like the iPhone; will it change the way we see mobile technology; will it be that magical device that we’ve all be waiting for; or is it:

iPad vs. Stone
the ancient iPad


  1. IF I can read blogs like this on an ipad, I'm down. I didn't like the Kindle and Nook b/c of it's size and color. What I like about the ipad is that it's a tablet and it has color and access to the Internet. I would buy it (if I had the $$$) just to be able to catch up on my Rss feed reading away from the computer.

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