in Pursuit of an Uprising

For the past few weeks, the US media has been flowing the “violence” going on in Egypt. Now Muhammad Mubarak is off ruling the country (not that Egypt’s problem is over), but I learned two important lessons:
1. Knowledge empowers, especially when collective consciousness is been raised, to which;
2. Not until we are ready to put who greed behind us, against oppression — then can we be free. The “we” I’m referring to is other Africans who are suffering in silence.

My country, Nigeria, seems to have us all putting our greed before the country’s own progress and, we are continually having individuals siphoning off the country’s wealth. I only wonder, what can lead having Nigerians consciousness raised; well enough to lead to an uprising that will displace greed and its proponent. An uprising out of love to move our dear country forward, maybe that love that leads to that “violence”.
All I am now seeking to pursue is:

to Bid the Warrior to come home
Heartily do we appease to the warrior to come home!
Only love can overcome hate
Truth, and just truth will over lies
As the sun overtakes darkness
The warrior in you, come out!
Come, warrior come
Come to the place of wisdom
Lay your burden down, rest your soul
The sun will shine tomorrow
Whether you like or not
Love is the only way we’ll be free
Come, warrior come
Hey! Listen…
Rest a little while, heal your wounds
Time will pass you see
When all secrets will be revealed
Love is the only way we’ll be free
Brothers and Sisters awaken the warrior
In you.

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  1. Nice one dele. The poem reminds me of a beautiful Nubian song. (I didn’t comment on Nigeria’s issues – for now)

  2. Well, the whole poem is still about Nigeria is it not? A much needed call, Dele, you don’t know how much I have been thinking about it that could Nigeria have such a revolution too?
    I love the poem, sounds so much like the book of proverbs from one of these contemporary translations 🙂

    1. Not close to the book of proverbs Tolu, but close. My heart is being very heavy on Nigeria’s case. I still mainly believe that before there can be some serious uprising everyone’s consciousness needs to be raised to a significant level.

      And I’m personally looking into ways to contribute to start empowering brother’s and sister’s knowledge, at least to come out of the paradigm that “it-is-what-it-is”.

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