Imagining Religion

My uncle is convinced the spirit of God is using him, or is inspiring him, and helping him, preventing him from whatever has he–don’t worry, this isn’t a post about the rationality of religion; the irrationality has been discussed one too many times.

After our dinner where he couched me on the goodness of being a Christian, I got home and went into deep thought.

Can the world do without a man who walked on water, healed some sick people, cast out demons from humans and directed them into pigs, spoke in parables that most wouldn’t understand, thought he was one with some invisible being but not that invisible being, he was just his son. I know who you might be thinking it is, but don’t worry, it’s not Jesus.

This is a person I just thought about recently and I’m wondering if such a being ever existed at anytime in history. I wonder if the inquisition, crusades, or more recently (i’m thinking) hate will ever happen…I’m convinced it wouldn’t. This being I just imagined is in fact is the prince of peace, the only problem I have with justifying his peace personality is that this being’s [supposed] father is a sadistic serial killer and the soul behind persistent chaos if the book that I’m imagining might have being written about them is to be taken seriously.

I’m thinking this being would be the single cause of thousands of places where they talk about him and how awesome he is and the magical things he does; most of them so impossible to believe you need some special “thing” to accept these impossibilities–my imaginations are indeed wild!

I’m forced to think about how far forward and peaceful my ideal world is.

Again, I imagine some other being, much like the first being, except he isn’t claiming to be capable of doing magical deeds…what a relief. He however has radical beliefs I’m thinking is about to change the world he belongs–more interestingly, you either accept the beliefs calmly or violently, the ball is in your court, don’t worry, it’s not Mohammed.

Again I imagined an ideal world where this imaginary being wouldn’t have ever existed, a much freer world without any violence (how dare I imagine?),, a world where no one will be bond by wasteful and usefulness slavish traditions, barbaric? An ideal world I imagine.

My uncle might be right, being a Christian or religious might have it’s goodness after all, the bliss in ignorance.


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