How to Fail

No one’s fate is fully decided until they’re dead: and as always, we all should continue to strive towards change, and changing is not always successful; failure is that important step.

The thought that we, ourselves, may be gone one day is sobering, and I’m continuing to understand that one day, my legacy might not be what I’ve achieved but how much I’ve helped others achieve.

It’s very easy to envy other people’s success, and some have asked me what I think the most challenging thing is in doing well (usually they’re asking me about school). They are often shocked when I reply that it’s their willingness or love to fail through due hard-work and patience.

No. School strongly discourages that mentality, schooling in fact will punish you for failing but you know what — to really make any dent in life, failure is the key.

Yesterday, I thought of things in my personal life that might have held me back from failing successfully:

1. Fear: I remember my first year orientation in college. Our guide asked any one to ask questions that might be bothering them. My question was, not being able to pass classes — she really didn’t know what response to give me. Few semesters later, I had so much fear of failing school that it halted me from living life.

Even post-college, the fear of failure can stop anyone from trying something new, we are humans after all and no one wants to fail. I’m realizing, killing fear, stepping out of one’s comfort zone, is the key to getting to that next level.

2. Conformity: The day I heard the saying: “eagles don’t flock”, I pondered on it for quite sometime.

Yes, eagles soar and have superb hunting skills but how did they get to that level, you have to learn and finesse your skills on your own.

As tempting as it could be, to be tailing others or just being like everyone else, to fail, you cannot afford to flock. Understandably, others might not see the sense in being so excited about failure; the conventional thinking is that failing is bad.

Nevertheless, I’m continually challenging myself to find new ways to fail, new ways to break out of my conformity and indeed, my fear.

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