force Tube me!

When I was younger and a new US immigrant, I found closed caption (CC) on TV amusing, I spent so many hours in front of this set and I’m never ceased being amazed at it’s power. I fondly remember the day I told my dad I was going to make a good deal: “…that man on TV said they where selling those houses for $300, that such a deal!”

Then, I couldn’t understand why all my dad did was smile (not seeing the deal I saw) and told me I would understand soon. Sure, I now understand and I’m thankful he didn’t spare me any money to buy all those shiny toys the TV keeps telling me my life depends on. Sooner, I even came to the understanding of how the TV captures.

First, the problem is created (or to describe more appropriately, an illusion of  a problem). And they tell you about a possible solution which they ‘happen’ to be selling and advising you to buy it. You innocently buy the ‘solution’ and your problem goes away, temporarily. But, considering the problem never existed in the first place, nothing really happened and sooner, you’d be back in the circle again — think weight loss programs.

Forget weight loss and TV get-rich-quick experts, even the witty have now have themselves snapped by this sly fox. I think of the TV along this lines:

We are in a lot of trouble.
Because you and many others are reading this,
less than 15% read the papers,
even lesser amount read books.

The only truth we know is what we get over the Tube.

Right now, there is a hole.

An entire generation that knows nothing unless those that came out of the Tube.

The Tube is the gospel.

This Tube can make or break Presidents, Pope, Prime ministers, or anyone,
This Tube is the the most God-full force in a Godless world of ours.
Who knows what crap would be painted for as truth on these networks.

So listen…

The Tube is not the truth!
It is an amazement park, a circus, a carnival,
a group of acrobats, dancers, story tellers, jugglers, side how freaks and football players.

And we sit, day after day, night after night,
all ages, colors, creed.

We are all into it,
into the illusion.

We are becoming the message the Tube gives to us:
that our lives of reality are unreal

We are doing what the Tube tells us,
dressing like the tube,
acting like the Tube,
having children raised by the Tube,
even we think like the Tube.

This is mass madness!

We are the real thing.

Those are illusions.


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