finding Spirituality

Its been on my mind to read The Black Male Handbook after someone ranted about it on twitter and book is coming to be one of the best book I have read in recent times. It feels as if the book was reading my mind, telling me about my mind and spewing it all out with effective analysis of leading a life blueprinted (in fact, the subtitle of the book is A Blueprint for Life).

The book’s first chapter is on spirituality which I was wary of reading because I was expecting some ranting about be good, follow God, evil, after life, etc but I decided to give it a shot, and again, as if my mind has been read, Lasana Omar Hotep broke down the steps finding spirituality as such:

1. Set aside a place in your home to reflect, meditate, or pray.
2. Consume media (whether print, audio or visual) content that promotes good character and balanced living.
3. Measure spirituality by cultivating harmonious relationships, not just by attending services or participating in rituals.
4. Practice forgiveness of yourself and others.
5. Perform acts of service within your family and your community.


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